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My background is in computer science, and I have over 10 years of experience as a software engineer. I'm interested in building things that matter. My focus is on application architecture and Web3. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss a project.


NFT Avatar Service

NFT Avatar Service

A collection of services for generating a profile picture and minting it as an NFT on Ethereum

CoffeeSwap (Under Construction ⚠️)

CoffeeSwap (Under Construction ⚠️)

A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) running on Ethereum. Based on Uniswap.

Interactive Ethereum Blockchain with Rust and WASM (Under Construction ⚠️)

Interactive Ethereum Blockchain with Rust and WASM (Under Construction ⚠️)

A POW blockchain implemented using Rust. Made interactive on web using React and WASM. (WIP).


Web 3.0

I have worked on several web3 projects, including NFT indexing, automated DEX trading, blockchain interoperability, and web3 social.

Web 2.0

I have been building web applications using React and Angular for close to ten years. Most recently, I have been working on rebuilding the web experience for Mercari. A C2C ecommerce site which sees over 10M users per month.


I have experience working with a variety of backend technologies, primarily using Go, PHP, and NodeJS. Some projects I have worked on inlcude AdTech backends (PHP), ecommerce backends (Go, PHP, JS), and Web3 nodes (Go, JS, Rust).


I write, speak, and (sometimes) produce videos on Web3, Web2, and project management.

Project Management / Consulting

I have had several opportunities to manage small teams of engineers and to communicate directly with stakeholders to define requirements and deadlines.



Mercari is Japan's leading C2C marketplace, with over 50M users. I focus on building features dedicated to user acquisition and activation.


AdTech. I helped develop a client-side ad system, and contributed to a backend marketplace which serves millions of ad request per day.

World Research Lab

Fashion. I researched Web3 technical solutions to supply chain problems in the fashion industry, and developed applications for supply chain management.


Weather Science. I Designed and implemented visualization suite for airport weather measurements.

Movement Strategy

Social Media Agency. I implemented web application solutions for clients in the atheletic and entertainment industries.